Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a formal dinner Mixar S.r.l. makes you choose from a wide range of bright furnishings that will color your events.

An event needs to be taken care of in every little detail, nothing can be left to chance especially the lighting that in most cases represents the whole scenography of the ceremony.

This is why our company always tries to find many innovative solutions to create a breathtaking light atmosphere.

Our “light designer” never leaves anything to chance and after an inspection of the location designs a suitable lighting system and especially in line with the theme of the event itself, whether vintage, modern, soft, lounge or elegant.

In fact, for some years now we have focused our investments on LED and battery-powered projectors to have maximum energy savings, but above all to avoid having miles of cables laid throughout the location.

Over the years we have specialized in lighting ” Vintage Style“. With light bulb cords of all types and colors but also Skies of LED lights or clusters of LED lights.

Widely used for Cake Cut Zones and more commonly known as Fairy Light and Wedding Ceiling Light.

Our Lighting Decoration





Ceiling Fairylights


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